Depression During the Holidays

Depression During the Holidays Most families revel in the joy of the holidays by cooking familial recipes, visiting with young ones, and participating in holiday traditions. While most are enjoying their time with family, many elderly adults have a difficult

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3 Reasons Reading is Important at Any Age

Nowadays, kids would rather play video games or watch television than read a book. While there is nothing wrong with these activities, reading is still an important skill that should be encouraged. Reading is one of the most important activities

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Top 3 Ways Animals Can Affect Your Well-being!

Did you know that animals can have a profound effect on our well-being? In fact, studies have shown that interacting with animals can help improve mental health, reduce stress levels, and even boost immunity! No matter what type of animal

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Laughter: The Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits

Laughter has often been said to be the best medicine, and for good reason. Numerous studies have shown that laughter has both physical and mental health benefits. It can help to boost immunity, improve heart health, and relieve pain. Laughter

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